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Thank You Notes, Reviews and Testimonials
and a thank you from me to all my clients and patients for trusting me with your education and care, and for everything I've learned from you!

"Leilani is amazing. Her knowledge about natural birth control is outstanding. She is very easy to understand. I am so thankful to have had, and continue to have, Leilani's support. She is approachable, understanding and responds quickly to my many, many questions. Thank you, Leilani, for being so great! I continue to refer my friends to you and have open discussions with others about the benefits of natural birth control."

~ Lindsay M., Burlington, VT

"I wish I had met Leilani years ago to learn the Justisse Method. Leilani is an excellent teacher who makes sure you understand everything in order to feel confident using the Justisse Method. Her teaching is clear and easy to understand. She was great about thoroughly answering my many questions. Whether I was learning from Leilani in person or watching her teaching video, I felt very empowered in learning how to use the Justisse Method. I highly recommend Leilani as a teacher of the Justisse method.

As I practiced using the Justisse method, it was comforting to know I could always ask Leilani follow up questions, which I did on numerous occasions. Leilani was happy to clear up any confusion I had.

Since using the Justisse method for the past year, I feel much more in sync with my body. I love knowing where I am in my cycle as it helps me better understand why I’m feeling a certain way on any given day."

~ Melanie C., Burlington, VT

"I got off the pill a few years ago and taught myself to use fertility awareness, but I always had a different cervical fluid pattern than what I read about. I still used condoms most of the time. After I met with Leilani a few times, I felt so much clearer about my infertile days and have had no problem using only natural birth control."
~E.L., Portland, OR

"Leilani has been instrumental in helping me with my natural birth control and hormonal health journey. I watched her videos to learn the Justisse Method and have had many follow up sessions via Skype. What I really like about her is that she's non- judgmental, patient, and respectful. She is always available to answer my questions, even getting back to me on a holiday weekend! Learning the Justisse method has helped me have a totally new understanding of my body and health. It's been fascinating and eye opening, and I think you need to have an instructor such as Leilani on your side. I would highly recommend her services. Thanks Leilani!"
~ Sarah J., Wabash, IN

"Leilani Wong Navar's approach is compassionate and non-judgmental. Her skill at introducing the Justisse Method is exemplary."
~ Geraldine Matus, Founder & Director, Justisse Healthworks for Women

"We tried to get pregnant for almost two years, and then I decided to start hormones. I thought I'd try acupuncture at the same time just to up our chances - but I never needed the hormones! After 3 months of acupuncture with Leilani and timing intercourse based on the Justisse Method she taught us, we're pregnant! And bonus - I'm free of the headaches I had for years! Thank you so much for everything."
- A.Y., Burlington, VT

"Working with Leilani to learn the Justisse Method has been wonderful.  It really is like learning a new language and it’s been invaluable to have a teacher I can go to each step of the way! Having someone to answer questions and discuss concerns with has been wonderful. Every body is different and the book does not always address my specific question.  Working with Leilani has also helped me become more in tune with my body and overall health.  She is an encouraging and gentle teacher and practitioner who offers guidance with no judgment!   Thank you, Leilani!"
~ A.B., Burlington, VT