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Condoms, Diaphragms and Pulling Out on Fertile Days

Posted on September 4, 2014 at 10:40 AM

Question: What do you think about using a diaphragm or condoms on fertile days?


It's a decent option for lowering your chances of getting pregnant on those days, as long as you're comfortable with the fact that any time you have sex (or genital contact) on fertile days, there is some chance of getting pregnant.


Avoiding genital contact on fertile days gives you that 99.6% effectiveness of the Justisse Method, and if you choose to switch to barrier methods during your fertile days, then you're relying on their effectiveness. They're fairly effective, but not as effective as 99.6%.


Personally, I've relied on barrier methods during fertile days before. I feel safest using two methods, like diaphragm and condom together, or diaphragm and withdrawal. Why? When you use barrier methods on known fertile days, their effectiveness is lower than the statistics say.


Condoms are 98% effective with perfect use, diaphragms are 94% effective, and withdrawal / pulling out is 96% effective with perfect use (more like 73% effective the way it's usually done). But these stats come from testing the methods across the woman's whole cycle - at least 2/3 of which she couldn't get pregnant anyway!


ALL the "method failure" pregnancies had to have occurred on fertile days. If you're using barriers or withdrawal on your fertile days, know that you have a higher chance of getting pregnant than the packaging says.


Something to consider. As always, this info is meant to help you make a fully informed, empowered choice - choose what's right for you!

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