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Weird Cervical Mucus Patterns & BBT for Birth Control

Posted on August 6, 2013 at 3:40 PM

I pay attention to cervical mucus, but I really just rely on my temperature for birth control, because my mucus comes and goes before ovulation and I can't tell when I'm fertile. Is there any way I can know when I'm fertile before ovulation when my cervical mucus pattern is so weird?

Yes, there is, and it's the cervical mucus itself! When it comes to identifying fertile and infertile days pre-ovulation, it’s all about cervical mucus – whatever your cervical mucus pattern might be. The presence of mucus indicates fertility, and the absence of mucus indicates you’re not fertile (as long as you’re not within a Count of 3). If your mucus patches come and go before ovulation, you can still chart them and interpret them for days of fertility and infertility. Mucus days are fertile, Count of 3 days are fertile, and dry days not in a Count of 3 are infertile.

When cervical mucus appears, your body is moving toward ovulation. For whatever reason, it sounds like your body makes more than one go at it. When an egg starts maturing and estrogen starts rising, you see cervical mucus. Then your body backs off for a day or a few days, and then starts toward ovulation again. Eventually you have a mucus phase that is associated with ovulation and a BBT rise.

You don’t know ahead of time, though, which cervical mucus phase is the one with which your body will go all the way to ovulation. ANY of those times that you have cervical mucus, it indicates that your body is moving toward ovulation. Cervical mucus supports sperm life. Mucus days are fertile. But between cervical mucus patches that come and go pre-ovulation, dry days that aren’t within a Count of 3 are infertile. (Review Count of 3 on pages 29-30 ofyour Justisse Method guidebook (revised edition).)

I can help you interpret your cervical mucus pattern when I see your charts. You might even be able to use your charts as a record of your reproductive health, and watch your pre-ovulation patterns come into better balance as you try acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary changes, or supplements.


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