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PMS Headaches

Posted on November 13, 2015 at 5:40 PM

Question: Turns out my worst headaches are all after ovulation. They're not every day post-ovulation, but most. Always in my temples. So is it hormonal? What do I do about it?
Answer: Sounds like it's hormonal! Pre-menstrual headaches are common, and often related to the liver having trouble dealing with higher levels of hormones post-ovulation. The temples are a classic location for these PMS headaches due to "Liver Qi stagnation" (in Chinese medicine terms).
If you were my patient, I'd go over your diet with you to make sure it's supporting good liver health and hormonal balance. I'd also use acupuncture for a cycle or two, and potentially an herbal formula like "Xiao Yao San" ("Free and Easy Wanderer"). Every woman is different, and no formula is right for everyone - but, that's a classic formula for PMS symptoms when they're due to Liver Qi stagnation. I've seen it work wonders when headaches, breast tenderness, or irritability and feeling teary crop up post-ovulation.
You could also do some self-massage on the points Large Intestine 4, Liver 3 and Gall Bladder 41. Press around the right zone to find the tenderest spot, then massage in small circles or press in and out. Massage the points on both sides - your headache should reduce! Do this for a few minutes every day post-ovulation, and all your PMS symptoms could improve.

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