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BBT Rise 6 Days after Peak Day

Posted on August 26, 2015 at 12:10 AM

Question: If my BBT doesn't rise until 6 days after my Peak Day, when do I start considering myself infertile?


Answer: If you are doing all your cervical mucus observations and you confidently identify Peak Day, you can consider yourself infertile after your Count of 3. That is, infertile starting on Day 4 post-peak, as determined by cervical mucus. (This is presuming you've been charting for at least a few cycles and are confident about what you're observing and charting.)


Your delayed rise in BBT is more of a reproductive health question than a birth control one. Cervical mucus is reliable for determining fertile vs. infertile. But, when your hormones are in balance, your BBT will rise closer to Peak Day.

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