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When Can We Have Unprotected Sex?

Posted on May 11, 2015 at 9:20 AM

Question: When can I be sure about my chart and start having unprotected sex?


Answer: As long as you and your partner don't need the protection for STIs... then, when you're confident that you can recognize your fertile and infertile days. It's a personal thing, but usually, that takes 2 or 3 cycles. It can take longer, depending on your hormonal balance, and how it's going for you to integrate into your routine checking for cervical mucus and taking your BBT.


For those initial cycles while you're developing charting skills, I recommend using condoms, abstaining from sex, or having alternative sex. Meaning, do whatever you like that doesn't involve spermicide or seminal fluid / ejaculate in your vagina. (Those might confuse you later or the next day when you're checking for cervical mucus, at least in these early cycles while you're getting the hang of things.)


Once you're confident about your charting, the first move is to introduce unprotected sex every other evening, post-ovulation. Post-ovulation, you're REALLY confident that you're not fertile, so that eases your mind. Sex only every other evening is because after unprotected sex, you'll be practicing getting all the seminal fluid out. The day "off" from sex afterward is to give you a chance to make sure there's no seminal fluid discharge that might confuse your cervical mucus observations.

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