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Bringing On a Late Period

Posted on January 16, 2015 at 1:35 PM

Question: My period is about 3 days late, and I'm tired of my PMS symptoms! What can I do to bring my period on?

It really depends why you aren't bleeding when you expect to. The most likely reason is that you ovulated later in this cycle than you are used to doing. For example, you're used to ovulating on Day 13 and getting your period after a 27-day cycle. If you ovulated on Day 17 this time, you'll probably get your period after a 31-day cycle. So, if you were charting this cycle, you can get some insight into when you ovulated.

Another possibility is that you haven't ovulated at all yet, and there's something going on in your reproductive system that would benefit from treatment. That depends on whether you have (in Chinese medicine terms) Qi stagnation, Blood deficiency, Blood stagnation, or some other imbalance throwing your cycle off. Depending on your diagnosis, you could take some herbs or get acupuncture to restore balance. If your PMS is worse than usual this month, there's likely some Qi Stagnation going on, and that could be connected to why you ovulated later than usual. For herbal recommendations, I'd need to consult with you personally.

Another possibility is, of course, pregnancy. If you might be pregnant, I'd recommend... a pregnancy test!

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