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What do a Healthy Gallbladder, Healthy Pregnancy, and Fewer Allergies Have in Common?

Posted on January 18, 2014 at 10:35 PM

They're all associated with healthy periods! When I'm treating women for menstrual cramps, irregular cycles, infertility, or any other reproductive health issue, I always remind them that menstrual cycle health is like a woman's "fifth vital sign." It reflects your health beautifully, because our fertility is our vitality. When something is off with the menstrual cycle, such as PMS symptoms, severe cramps, cycles that vary a lot in length, etc., it's a nudge from the body to pay attention to where things are out of balance.

Countless times, I've treated women for reproductive health issues, and not only have their cramps reduced or have they been able to finally conceive a baby, but they've delightedly reported that their allergies have disappeared, or their sciatic pain is gone. This is the beauty of holistic medicine.

This evening I thought I'd check around for studies to see if anyone has statistically validated this time-tested Chinese medicine / natural health wisdom -- that a healthy menstrual cycle is related to everything else -- and I found studies linking painful menstruation (cramps during or around your period) with gallstones and premature labor, and irregular menstruation (cycle lengths that vary) with asthma and hay fever.

So interesting! And three more reasons to get in touch with your reproductive health and find holistic ways to help your body back in balance!

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