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Beyond Fertility Signs: Chart Your Sex Drive, Acne, Back Pain, etc

Posted on November 29, 2013 at 2:25 PM

Tip: Chart any physical, mental, and emotional symptoms in the extra space on your chart, to see what's connected to your cycle.


I know I'm not the only one who has had a few days in a row of tearing up at TV commercials, or finding everyone around me unusually annoying, only to get my period a few days later and realize that must explain my mood. Or to have been moody and thought, "I must be about to get my period"... but then not seen it for a couple more weeks. Sometimes mood is related to the fertility cycle, sometimes not. Mood changes are a perfect thing to write down on your fertility awareness chart. You'll be able to see whether and how they're connected to your cycle.


Also write down any other things you notice about your body, mind, and emotions. Certain changes might reflect your cycling hormones - like breast tenderness, changes in sex drive, mental clarity or fogginess, acne, or irritability - and other changes might themselves impact your hormones and fertility signs - like getting a bad cold, being stressed, or starting to eat a healthier diet.


It's also worth noting things you might not think are related to your cycle, like headaches, low back pain, or even shifts in wanting to be social or wanting alone time. You might find that changes/symptoms that have always seemed random actually correspond with your cycle.


When you keep track of these signs, you'll not only become more in touch with your body, but you may even have a clearer sense of your fertility. For some women, changes like increased sex drive or mild breast tenderness are consistent enough to help them feel confident about identifying fertile and infertile times.

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