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Blood in Peak Type Cervical Mucus

Posted on November 18, 2013 at 6:25 PM

Sometimes I notice a little bit of brown or reddish blood in my peak-type mucus. Is that a bad sign?


Not necessarily. There are actually a few not-to-worry-about reasons you might see bleeding around ovulation. When bleeding happens early in the mucus phase or accompanying peak-type mucus (when estrogen levels are rising or at their highest), it's often coming from the cervix. During the mucus phase, the cervix gets more blood flow and its capillaries are more fragile, so slight bleeding can happen. There could also be a cervical cyst or some kind of cervical irritation going on.


If you were seeing bleeding at the end of the mucus phase (maybe accompanying some non-peak mucus), that would likely be estrogen withdrawal bleeding. At ovulation, estrogen levels drop suddenly and the endometrium can slough off a little until estrogen levels rise again. Estrogen rises very soon, so you don't see any extensive bleeding like you would at menstruation.


If bleeding with cervical mucus happens for you just once in a while, it's probably not a problem. If it happens several cycles in a row, or several times in a year, or if you have any other reason to be concerned about your gynecologic health, it's worth checking on it with your doctor.

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