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Dryer Cycle after a Cold or Flu

Posted on June 25, 2012 at 4:45 PM

I am having a much longer and dryer cycle than normal. I was sick at the beginning of this cycle and I'm wondering how that may be affecting what I'm seeing or will see.


The typical way that stress and illness affect a cycle is to postpone ovulation. You may see an extended dry phase before the mucus phase begins and ovulation occurs, or you may see a "double" or "split" peak.


Your body is aware that times of stress and illness are not good times to get pregnant, for you or a new embryo, so it turns down the hormones and delays ovulation. If this happens early in the cycle, you'll see a long dry phase before your mucus phase begins. Or, if the stress happens whe novulation is already approaching and mucus has begun, hormone levels can suddenly drop, making mucus disappear for a few days or longer. Mucus will return when your body is ready to give it another go. Your final peak day is the one associated with ovulation; the earlier one is a false start. Your true peak day will be accompanied by a BBT rise, and, if you donot get pregnant, will be followed by menstruation 9-17 days later. 



Double or split peaks can be stressful themselves, because the return of mucus may be unexpected – you thought you had ovulated and moved into your infertile phase, but you're fertile again! Keep in mind that as long as you are doing all your checks for mucus and observing your Count of 3 rule, you’ll know whether you’re fertile or not. If there is no mucus present and you are not within a count of 3, you can consider yourself infertile. If mucus returns, consider yourself fertile again. (The possiblityof double or split peaks is a great reason to take your BBT daily. A BBT shif tconfirms ovulation and lets you know whether you have seen a true peak.)


From a Chinese medicine perspective, it’s also possible that your cycle is “dryer” because some of your yin, your body’s healthy fluids and moisture, could have been “consumed” by the heat of your illness, especially if you had a fever. In illness, yin can be lost in the form of sweat, or used up to make the mucus that’s discharging from your nose or lungs. If this is the case, you might also be noticing dry eyes, a dry cough,or dry constipation. Acupuncture and herbs can help your body back into balance in this kind of situation, restoring your body’s yin and/or helping clear up the mucus so you can use your fluids where you need them.

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