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Lubricative Means Peak-Type Cervical Mucus, but Dry and Smooth Depend

Posted on June 28, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Remember that a lubricative sensation always means peak-type mucus, but dry sensation and smooth sensation don’t tell you anything on their own. After you notice a dry or smooth sensation, you’ll observe the tissue for the presence or absence of mucus. The tissue might be dry, or look damp or shiny, or there might be non-peak mucus, or even peak-type.


The absence of mucus (whether the tissue looks dry, damp, wet, or shiny) would make it a day for a green stamp. If you’re not within a Count of 3, that’s an infertile day. The presence of non-peak mucus would make it a fertile day marked by a light purple stamp, and peak-type mucus would make it a fertile day that gets a dark purple stamp.

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