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Sensation and Description of Cervical Mucus are Two Different Things

Posted on July 16, 2013 at 4:00 PM

When you check for cervical mucus, Sensation and Description are two different things, and they don’t have to match. You chart exactly what you observe. Then, when you’re interpreting for whether or not you’re fertile that day, or choosing which colored stamp to use, whichever one was more fertile “trumps” the other.


So, you take note of the sensation you feel when the tissue passes over your perineum, and then you look at the tissue to see if there’s anything on it that you can pick up. If there is, you pick it up and check it out for what color it is and how much it stretches. If the sensation was dry or smooth, but you see peak-type mucus on the tissue, peak-type it is, and you use a dark purple stamp. If the sensation was lubricative, but you can’t pick anything up off the tissue, then in this case sensation “trumps” description and, again, peak-type it is!

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