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Your birth control should be YOURS.
It should work for your health, your relationship, your daily life.

Knowing YOUR cycle days can set you free from
the pill, the IUD, the shot, condoms ... and a lot of anxiety.

Learning to recognize the fertile and infertile
days of your cycle can be easy.

You can be accurate and confident in a few cycles.

The Justisse Method is backed by research as a way to
ACCURATELY identify fertile and infertile days,
and as a system for HELPING YOU LEARN quickly,
so you are clear and confident.

Ready to own it?
You don't have to spend any time confused.
I'll help you learn how it works, and learn how it works for YOU.

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"I got off the pill a few years ago and taught myself to use fertility awareness, but I always had a different cervical fluid pattern than what I read about. I still used condoms most of the time. After I met with Leilani a few times, I felt so much clearer about my infertile days and have had no problem using only natural birth control."

-E.L., Portland, OR

"We tried to get pregnant for almost two years, and then I decided to start hormones. I thought I'd try acupuncture at the same time just to up our chances - but I never needed the hormones! After 3 months of acupuncture with Leilani and timing intercourse based on the Justisse Method she taught us, we're pregnant! And bonus - I'm free of the headaches I had for years! Thank you so much for everything."

- A.Y., Burlington, VT

"Leilani Wong Navar's approach is compassionate and non-judgmental. Her skill at introducing the Justisse Method is exemplary."

- Geraldine Matus, Founder & Director, Justisse Healthworks for Women


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