Natural Birth Control & Fertility Awareness Education


Fertility Awareness for Natural Birth Control, Getting Pregnant, and Reproductive Health

If you are ready to take your birth control, your fertility, and your menstrual and sexual health into your own hands, this course is for you.

You'll learn the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness, in about 90 minutes. You'll be ready to get started charting right away.

“Everything makes more sense after Leilani's course. I know which days I can and can't get pregnant, and I actually understand when my doctor talks about hormones.”

And you'll have the foundation for all the rest: Natural birth control. Getting pregnant more easily. Understanding (and assessing) your reproductive health for yourself. Consulting with a holistic health care provider about your menstrual and sexual well-being.

"It is such a relief to be off the pill and forget about trying an IUD."

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*Please note this course focuses on AVOIDING pregnancy.

This course has a lot of what belonged in your high school sex ed class. (One of the most common things I hear is, "I wish I'd learned this when I was 14!")

And it's got all the details you need to start charting and interpreting your fertility signs.

You will know - accurately and confidently - which days you can and can't get pregnant.

You'll also come away with a clear way to record your cervical fluid and Basal Body Temperature. This lets you check on your hormonal balance yourself, by understanding what your body is already telling you.
"I have been practicing the Justisse Method for a few years and was originally mentored in the method by Leilani via conference call. Not only is this the BEST alternative to hormonal birth control, it is a system that allows me to be in tune with my ever-changing body. It helped me understand my fertility in a much more intimate (and accurate) way."

When you don't want to get pregnant, I believe your birth control should be YOURS. It should work for your health, your relationship, and your daily life. Knowing YOUR cycle days can set you free from the pill, the IUD, the shot, condoms... and a lot of anxiety.

But trying to use natural birth control without a solid, personalized understanding of your own cycle can bring more anxiety than ever.

I created this course so that you can easily, conveniently get the knowledge and the skills to recognize YOUR fertile and infertile days.

The Justisse Method is backed by research as a way to identify fertile and infertile days WITH 99.6% ACCURACY, and as a SYSTEM FOR HELPING YOU LEARN quickly. You can be confident about this in a few cycles.

When you DO want to get pregnant, I believe you should be able to make FULLY INFORMED choices about your fertility.

Whether or not you choose to use medications and procedures, fully informed choice includes understanding your body, being able to assess your own reproductive health, and knowing exactly when to time intercourse for your best chance of conception.

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"I got off the pill a few years ago and taught myself to use fertility awareness, but I always had a different cervical fluid pattern than what I read about. I still used condoms most of the time. After I met with Leilani a few times, I felt so much clearer about my infertile days and have had no problem using only natural birth control."

-E.L., Portland, OR

"We tried to get pregnant for almost two years, and then I decided to start hormones. I thought I'd try acupuncture at the same time just to up our chances - but I never needed the hormones! After 3 months of acupuncture with Leilani and timing intercourse based on the Justisse Method she taught us, we're pregnant! And bonus - I'm free of the headaches I had for years! Thank you so much for everything."

- A.Y., Burlington, VT

"Leilani Wong Navar's approach is compassionate and non-judgmental. Her skill at introducing the Justisse Method is exemplary."

- Geraldine Matus, Founder & Director, Justisse Healthworks for Women